Emma Stone Auditioned For 'All That' As A Possessed Babysitter

And reenacted it for posterity

All That had it all: a big ear of corn, Ear Boy, and The Spice Boys. But you know what it was missing? Emma Stone.

But as the La La Land actress revealed on Jimmy Fallon’s show Thursday (December 1), she did audition to join the Nickelodeon show at age 12 but got turned down. Things started out just great when Stone was told five minutes before she had to go on she needed to present three unique characters. Gulp.

Apparently, Stone thrives under pressure, because she pulled them out of thin air and even remembered far back enough to demonstrate two of them — a cheerleader who sucked at spelling and a possessed babysitter — to Fallon. Watch Stone reenact these hilarious characters in the clip below and forever question why she didn’t make the cut. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]