The Beygency Proves That Beyonce Really Does Run The World

Who run the world? This particular girl.

Let the sketch on this week's "Saturday Night Live" serve as a warning: Beyoncé is everywhere.

Andrew Garfield, who made his hosting debut on the May 3 episode, plays a character who makes the mistake of saying that "Drunk In Love" is anything less than transcendently awesome. This mistake, we shortly learn, could prove to be lethal. There's one girl in particular, it turns out who run the world, and that girl is Beyoncé.

Check out the clip above to find out exactly what happens when you dare betray the Queen Bey, complete with a cameo from Jack Bauer. Spoiler alert: Even he can't get away with uttering a word against her. As they say, you can't have treason without a reason. Now put your hands up (oh oh oh) and come with us. Quietly.

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