Look By Look: Chris Brown's 'Yeah 3X' Music Video Style

Chris Brown's new music video for his latest single, 'Yeah 3X' dropped today on, which features Chris Brown at a block party dancing his feet off. His moves include backflips, front flips, and side flips, all of which show off his ability to still dance even in midair. But what we're looking at, of course, is his style. Chris Brown had three-and-a-half outfit changes -- half because he took his shirt off at one point, so it's not a full change -- proving that sometimes block parties requires multiple kinds of outfits. His looks ranged from a sweatshirt to a button-up shirt to a salmon-hued blazer, Kanye-style. Check out all of his looks below.

Chris Brown joins the navy! Here we see him in a navy sweatshirt, dark blue denim, white sneakers, and white tee underneath his hoodie. Oh, and as you can see, he likes to wear sunglasses, even at night.

This look is definitely more buttoned-up. Chris Brown pulled on nice black slacks, a vest, red skinny tie (with a tie tack!), white button-down shirt, and black and white sneakers.

While belting out his lyrics on the fire escape, Chris Brown went for his third outfit change of the video: a hot pink/salmon colored blazer (similar to the one Kanye West wore during Fashion Week), with a white tank underneath, white shorts, and several gold chains. As you can see, even though it's night here, he decided not to wear his sunglasses in this scene, like he did before.

And the shirt comes off! Same outfit, no shirt. The shorts and blazer combination is actually quite preppy, but sans a shirt, preppy he is not.

This close-up scene confirms he is shirtless.

You know who had awesome style in this video? THE LADIES!!! When Chris Brown swoons over a girl on his block during the video, we couldn't help but love the woman's cute teal blue romper. It's a cute summer outfit!

The backup dancers also looked great. While they matched with Chris Brown, they definitely held their own in black pants, a white tank, and black suspenders. Way to steal the attention, girls!


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