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Your LinkedIn Bio Sounds Ridiculous When You Read It Out Loud

Watch this video and try not to cringe.

By Brittney McKenna

The LinkedIn bio is a necessary evil, especially if you're a college student or recent grad trying to score that dream job. Writing one, however, is anything but a dream.

Trying to sell yourself without coming across as a jerk is hard enough. Start throwing in buzzwords and credentials and it's just about impossible. Joseph & Joseph Productions takes the absurdity a step further by reading LinkedIn bios out loud in their YouTube video posted Tuesday, June 2. It exposes just how horrible trying to "cultivate a personal brand" really is.

"Come inside my brand," a vested man beckons at the video's start. Keep watching and you'll suffer through even more gems like:

>> "Ray Fisher KNOWS how to make an impression."

>> "What makes Darren Hill so special?"

>> "I rebuilt the homes of the survivors of an avalanche."

>> "I'm a tie-loathing adventurer and thrill-seeker."

Joseph & Joseph also created part 2 and part 3 videos for their "LinkedIn - OUT LOUD!" series. You can see the real-life profiles that ~inspired~ these vids at the LinkedIn Out Loud Tumblr page.

Moral of the story? The next time you update your LinkedIn profile, take a second and read it out loud. You'll thank us later.