Olivia Munn Is Probably Reprising Psylocke In 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'

Munn is 'vague' with MTV News about her 'X-Men' return

Olivia Munn is psyched to return to the X-Men franchise, but she's trying to be vague about it.

After making her X-debut in last year's X-Men: Apocalypse, her involvement in the seventh X-Men installment, Dark Phoenix, has yet to be confirmed — until now. Well, kinda. While promoting The LEGO Ninjago Movie at San Diego Comic-Con, Munn was super "vague" about her X-future. That probably has something to do with the fact she couldn't remember what it was she was told she could reveal.

"I was asked what I can say, and I can't remember. I'm supposed to say things," she told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz. "I'll just repeat to you what was said to me in the text. It was: 'be vague.'"

Typically, if an actor is told to "be vague" about his or her involvement in a film, there's a pretty good chance that actor is in the movie. "That is a great assumption," Munn said, vaguely, of her rumored reprise in Dark Phoenix, "but I'm being vague."

Still, Munn would love to reprise her role as Psylocke in any and all future X-Men films. Why? Because Psylocke is a total badass. In fact, Munn revealed that audiences only saw about 25 percent of her character's total badassery in Apocalypse, seeing as her big fight scene was trimmed considerably from its original length.

"The fans only got to see a quarter of it," she said. But don't worry: Munn plans to make her own special director's cut for fans. "[Simon Kinberg] said last year that I can go in to Fox whenever I get time and actually edit it for myself, which I will do! Because we worked on it so hard, me and Nick Hoult's character. So I'm excited to do that."

"I love the character so much," she concluded. "I'd love to see more of her. I'd love to be able to delve into that more."

The LEGO Ninjago Movie hits theaters September 22, 2017.