Slipknot Dedicate '(Sic)nesses' DVD To Paul Gray

The band's September 28 two-disc set pays tribute to the beloved late bassist and features concert footage, videos and more.

On September 28, [artist id="509070"]Slipknot[/artist] will release "(Sic)nesses," a two-disc DVD. The set features the band's entire June 2009 performance at the Download Festival in the U.K., a 45-minute film directed by percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan and all four videos released from their chart-topping 2008 album, All Hope Is Gone.

And while all of that is certainly enough to excite their fans, what's also notable about "(Sic)nesses" is that it's the first Slipknot release of any sort since the passing of founding [article id="1639900"]bassist Paul Gray, who was found dead[/article] in an Iowa hotel room on May 24 after an [article id="1642024"]"accidental" overdose[/article] of morphine and fentanyl. Somewhat accordingly, Slipknot are using "(Sic)nesses" to once again [article id="1640451"]pay tribute to Gray[/article], dedicating the DVD to him and including a lengthy message to their late "brother" in the liner notes.

"Paul Dedrick Gray, No. 2, was one of the founding members of our band. Slipknot was everything Paul ever wanted and needed. He lived and breathed Slipknot to its fullest potential every day," the message begins. "He also loved each and every fan of the band. The maggots were everything to him ... Paul was the type of person who would help keep you in check. He would do everything he could to keep the band's closeness in tact. He'd even give you the shirt off his back, with no questions asked."

The message goes on to celebrate Gray not only as "a musical genius," but also as "a great son, brother, [and] husband," and promises that, though he may be gone, Slipknot will never truly forget his contributions to the band, which extended far beyond the music.

"The times we shared with him over the last 15 years are irreplaceable and unforgettable," the message reads. "We wake up every day and still it's hard to comprehend that one of our brothers has fallen. Life is not the same and never will be the same, nor will the band. Not a day will go by where we won't say his name."

The statement -- signed by each member of the band -- closes with a dedication not only to Gray, but his family and his daughter, October, who was born after he died.

"This is in remembrance of one of the greatest musicians, songwriters, and friends that we eight have ever had the pleasure to know. Paul, we know you're out there and we know you will be with us forever," the conclusion reads. "We love you, we miss you and there are no other words to explain this void ... Thank you for everything you were, and everything you gave us in this life. Until we meet again, brother."

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