Grab The Popcorn! The MTV Movie & TV Awards Are Back

The show is so massive this year that it can't be contained to a single night. It all kicks off Sunday, May 16

Little else got us through the blazing hellscape that was 2020 quite like movies and TV. While politicians hesitated to deliver sustainable coronavirus relief packages, mushy rom-coms, superhero action flicks, and fantasy adventures were there to hold you, distract you, and tell you everything would be OK. They've been a helpful reminder that a world existed before the pandemic — and that there will be one after it, too.

That’s why the golden popcorn hits (tastes?) a little different this time around. The MTV Movie & TV Awards celebrate the biggest, the butteriest, and the most unbelievably outrageous in the business, and this installment is so massive that it can’t be contained to a single night. The show returns on Sunday, May 16, to toast the side-splitting, jaw-dropping moments — and the stars that brought them to life — that defined one unique year.

But wait, there’s more: On Monday, May 17, MTV will air the first Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted, the first-ever ceremony celebrating all things reality TV. That’s right, the network that gave the world everything from the inclusive dating show Are You the One? to, well, Snooki will recap the messiest, most drama-filled moments ever to hit the screen. Break out the Earl Grey because this tea is scalding!

The multi-day event follows the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time special that aired in December, which expanded the annual showcase to include a celebration of the biggest on-screen moments literally ever. (Well, since the ’80s, but same thing, right?) All this to say, the MTV Movie & TV Awards, like our lives, are anything but traditional this year. So stay tuned in the coming weeks as hosts, honorees, performers, and presenters are announced. Mark your calendars and get that corn a-poppin’!

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