Taylor Swift Wraps Her Red Tour With An Epic 'All Too Well' Hair Flip, Fans Tweet Through The Tears

Never forget.

Earlier today (June 12), Taylor Swift performed her final Red Tour show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, wrapping what was truly a massive, 15-month, globe-trotting endeavor. Let's all have a moment of silence. Pour out a cup of Earl Grey if you've got it.

Along with the end of the fourth-album Red era, this show marked the last time that needlepoint enthusiast Taylor Swift would sit down at her red piano to perform the powerful ballad, "All Too Well" -- at least for the time being. You know, the song she always goes all whiplash-heavy on? Brace for sympathy pangs!

Fortunately her BFF Ed Sheeran gave her a thoughtful Christmas gift -- a commemorative plate with her Red Tour dates engraved upon it from, so she'll #neverforget.

Understandably, this is all a lot for the Swifties to process. From hashtagging #LongLiveREDTour to cycling through the entire spectrum of human emotion, here's a sampling of the most feels-heavy fan reactions to the end Red Tour performances of "All Too Well."

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