We're Officially Saying Goodbye (In GIFs) To The 'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Villains

Two words: Good riddance.

All good things must come to an end. (So they say... whoever they are.) The same must also ring true for all bad things, as evidenced on Tuesday night's Teen Wolf Season 5 finale.

This season's major villains were wiped out rather nicely in a single ep, and it's safe to say we won't miss them in the least. Especially this one. But even bad guys deserve a proper send-off,* so let us recap their demises, shall we?

The Dread Doctors


HA! How fitting that the lead surgeon turned out to be none other than Sebastian Valet's obsessive stalker best friend Marcel. We didn't see that one coming. Nevertheless, these evil creeps harassed and tortured our friends for the better part of 20 episodes, and we're glad to see them peace out.

The Desert Wolf


YAASSS! We were officially done with her as of a week ago, and now we really get to pop the bubbly. Those bizarre blue talons were finally pulled out of their mason-jar resting place and put to good use when Malia used them to suck the life out of her bitch of a mother. Malia, you have gone up a notch in our female badass book.

The Beast


His glowing, beady eyes will probs haunt us clear until the Season 6 premiere, but luckily, this baddie is gone for good, thanks to the hellhound and those glorious Scallison memories. (And Mason is still intact!)



In a flawless turn of events, the power-hungry sociopath got sucked down into the pits of hell by his dead sister, who terrifyingly resembles that gal from The Ring. Absolutely, positively perfect.

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*We really just wanted an excuse to show off these amazing GIFs.