'Teen Wolf' Target: Will Gerard Succeed In Exterminating Scott (And All The Others)?

The evil old man has even found a brand-new apprentice

If we've learned anything about Gerard, it's that the old guy's word is about as trustworthy as our friend Theo.

Tonight's Teen Wolf ended with the ruthless Argent patriarch securing a new apprentice in the form of Miss Monroe, aka Beacon Hills High School's guidance counselor by day, novice werewolf hunter by night. By now, it's probably no secret what Grandpa Argent's ultimate goal is — he wants to secure an anti-supernatural army of epic proportions, and he's instilling fear into everyone in Beacon Hills to do it. Hell, the old bat apparently even brought in the actual army to purchase weaponry, so he's pretty serious about obliterating all of the werewolves, Scott (especially) included.

You might recall that Gerard adopted a "kill them all" philosophy long ago, which stemmed from the "murder" of his daughter Kate at the claws of Peter Hale. (Though as far as we know, Kate is still alive, well and wreaking havoc in Mexico as a werejaguar.)


But Gerard's massive vendetta against creatures of the full moon doesn't stop there. Gramps also forced the then-Alpha Derek to bite him in order to cure his cancer during Season 2, but the always-one-step-ahead Scott had previously swapped Gerard's cancer pills with mountain ash. Well done, McCall! This sneaky maneuver caused Gerard to reject the bite and ooze black goo out of every orifice until Chris later cured him with yellow Wolfsbane. We also learned that Gerard is the one responsible for blinding Deucalion after it was revealed that the Duke had turned one of the Argent ancestors, Alexander, centuries before.

To put it simply (though is Teen Wolf ever simple?), old man Argent has spent a lifetime double-crossing and manipulating everyone who crosses his path. As his own son once said, "I knew when I brought you back, it would never be about saving lives. Only about immortalizing your own." And the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf seem to prove that point.

The big question is — will Gerard be able to bring his evil plans to fruition? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch more Teen Wolf on Sundays at 8/7c!

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