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Diddy Discusses Mase Coming Back To Bad Boy, Label's Future

Plus: Boxer Andre Berto listens to T.I., Rick Ross to get pumped up for fights, in 'Mixtape Daily.'

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When Andre Berto is about to get in the ring or when he's just living the life of a millionaire boxer, he said hip-hop is one of his major loves.

"I listen to T.I. heavy, my man Rick Ross," he said. "I was just with Luda. Drake is real hot right now. I'm just heavy on that right now. Jeezy! I'm into the Southern joints right now. Jay-Z, I listen to Jay heavy. Jadakiss, Fabolous has been doing his thing heavy.

"Every training camp, we pick an album to ride to the whole training camp," he added. "In January, I had a fight. We went with [T.I.'s] Paper Trail the whole camp. This camp, we were going hard on [Rick Ross'] Deeper Than Rap. We're gonna see who we'll go with before this fight in December."

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Mase has been talking lately about trying to work out a deal with Diddy. He even rapped about renegotiating with Chairman Combs in his song "Get It" with Cam'ron: " 'Mase, you come back if you get 50 percent?'/ I'm like, 'Nah, if I come back I need Diddy percent.' "

Diddy said that he and Mase have been talking, but nothing is solid as far as a Mase project on Bad Boy.

"Mase has called me," Diddy told us. "We've spoken. He's basically said, 'Just keep your eye on me. Making this switch, I gotta kinda bear this cross for a second. Just watch what I do.' I said, 'I've seen.' He's definitely one of the dopest MCs to ever touch the game. People can't deny that. He's one of the most successful. I've seen people come back from different things in this game. I said, 'Yeah. Without a doubt, I'll keep my eye on you.' I spoke to him today. He's out there working."

In June, 50 Cent was a guest on Funk Master Flex's Hot 97 radio show and said he wanted to bring Mase to the G-Unit but Diddy wanted too much money to turn over the contract.

If Mase would come back and make music with Bad Boy, and if Diddy were able to make that long-rumored LOX re-signing come to fruition, he would have one of the strongest hip-hop rosters in the game. You add his foundation players along with the recently added Red Cafe and newcomer Aasim, then a nice nucleus would take shape. But Diddy doesn't want to get too far ahead of himself. He's taking his time and plotting his rap attack.

"With the future of Bad Boy, I definitely think it's time for me to come up with a game plan," he said. "A lot of things have changed. I have a great legacy I have to protect. I'm taking some time. I don't wanna sign anything new. I wanna focus on this Janelle Monáe album, on this Cassie album, on this [article id="1616570"]Last Train to Paris.[/article] Those are the albums I'm focusing on. I'm not making anything new. I wanna come up with a game plan that works going forward with the future of Bad Boy."

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