Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Are All About That Social Media PDA

😘 😘 😘

Looks like they're finally Instagram official, as The Weeknd has just posted a selfie with Selena Gomez β€” and it's smoochably sweet.

The couple tried to keep their romance covert at the start, but they've long since given up on downplaying their affection for each other, going to the movies and hanging out in aquariums together.

Now, at the end of a huge week for Gomez β€” she's the executive producer of the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which premiered on March 31 β€” Abel Tesfaye is sharing his fondness for her with his followers.

Talk about putting stars in the Starboy's eyes!

It may be blurry, but make no mistake: This is just a casual, NBD, cute photo of Gomez planting one on her dude, and it's exactly the kind of selfie the 😍 emoji was made for.

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