Fetty Wap's In The Illuminati? Check Out This Insane Conspiracy Theory

Here we go again.

Some people think that the Illuminati is controlling everything around us -- hey, they even had a hand in the 2015 MTV VMAs -- and now there's a new conspiracy theory that gets Fetty Wap in the fray.

Twitter used GreyMatterrs presented a pretty wild breakdown of numbers that he linked to a bible verse, which (in some crazy "Twilight Zone" of a world) would indicate that Fetty Wap gave his eye to the Illuminati...what?

Insane? Yep. Interesting? Sure.

He used Fetty's moniker and the number 1738 to get to this conclusion. And, BTW, 1738 refers to Fetty's Remy Boyz crew, who are big fans of the cognac Rémy Martin 1738.

We know that Fetty actually lost his eye to childhood glaucoma, and that he recently inspired a young fan named Jayden Vaden to remove his own prosthetic eye. So if that's all thanks to the Illuminati somehow, then fine, so be it. He's making this world a better place.

Look out for Fetty's self-titled debut album, dropping this week.

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