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Tyler Posey Took A Shot In The Butt Just For Halsey

Things got weird on the set of 'Colors'

"So I made Tyler get a shot in his butt today," Halsey reveals behind the scenes of her recent "Colors" music video, which stars Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey. The two play high-schoolers caught in a "love square" with their parents.

"I am basically in love with Halsey and she has a crush on my dad, so it's like this love square, not quite a triangle, because her mom is involved as well," Posey explains in the clip above. "Everybody's just longing for somebody they can't have."

The video itself is moody and wistful just like the song, and this feeling is amplified by the filming location: the real-life haunted mansion from the first season of American Horror Story.

But ghosts and ghouls don't scare Halsey and Tyler, who spent their downtime goofing off on set. There's no graceful way to say this, but both of them had to get shots in their rear end for the shoot. They cracked jokes the whole time and were absolute troopers about it!

"You can tell everyone that you hung out with Halsey for a day and she put something in your butt," Halsey laughed before Tyler took his turn with the needle. 😂