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Presidents, Pharcyde, Warren G. Help Out Keenan And Kel

June 25 [10:00 EDT] -- George Clinton, The Pharcyde, Redd Kross, Warren G, and the Presidents of the U.S.A. will all turn up on the soundtrack to the upcoming Nickelodeon flick "Good Burger" which arrives in stores next month.

Spearhead, Mint Condition, Less Than Jake, De La Soul, and Digital Underground also lend a hand to the eclectic album, which will be released on July 15.

Some of the artists featured on the soundtrack run over some familiar ground as Spearhead covers the Police nugget "Roxanne," Trulio Disgracias (with the help of De La) takes on George Clinton's funk gem "Do Fries Go With That Shake?," and Clinton himself revisits his 1979 classic "Knee Deep.

The album arrives 10 days before the film, which features Nickelodeon staples Keenan and Kel in their big screen debut. The two reprise their small screen roles as Ed and Dexter, two fast food workers who help their fledgling Good Burger franchise battle its chief competitor, Mondo Burger.


how the full track listing of the "Good Burger" soundtrack looks:

  • 702, "All I Want"
  • Mint Condition, "(That's the Way) It's Goin' Down"
  • Tracie Spencer, "I'll Be There For You"
  • The Pharcyde, "Keep On"
  • Warren G., "Friends"
  • Less Than Jake featuring Kel Mitchell, "We're All Dudes"
  • Presidents Of The United States Of America, "Man"
  • Redd Kross, "So Cal V-8"
  • Trulio Disgracias featuring De La Soul, "Do Fries Go With That Shake"
  • 1,000 Clowns, "(Not The) Greatest Rapper"
  • Spearhead, "Roxanne"
  • George Clinton featuring Digital Underground, "Knee Deep"