Katherine McNamara Confirms Our Wildest Dreams: Dylan O'Brien Gives The Best Hugs

Thank you for #blessing us with this information, Kat.

For some reason Katherine McNamara has it out for Dylan O'Brien in "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" -- so obviously, we needed to know why because why would you want to hurt this face?! (For the record, we know it's McNamara's character Sonya who has the gripe against the Gladers.)

"I have nothing against Dylan O'Brien! He's one of my favorite people," McNamara told MTV News. "I have so much respect for him and his work. He's like my big brother -- we had so much fun on set. He's so dedicated and specific and amazing at what he does and yet, he doesn't let that bog him down on set. He still has the best time and messes around and makes jokes and has more fun than any of us. I don't know how he does it."

OK, so now that we've established how genuinely awesome O'Brien is as a human being, let's talk about Sonya. As one of the leaders of Group B -- a group of mostly female badasses sent to kill Thomas -- Sonya may be a little different than you remember from the James Dashner's "Scorch Trials."

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Katherine McNamara [right] as Sonya in "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials."

"The story's a little different than in the books," McNamara said. "They've kind of combined elements from the second and third books into this film, but the important thing is that it really stays true to the characters."

In "The Scorch Trials," the Gladers take on an adversary even bigger than WCKD -- aka The Scorch, a barren wasteland that used to be civilization but is now just full of zombie-like Cranks and abandoned malls. Meanwhile, Sonya and Harriet, the ride or die leaders of Group B, are on a mission of their own: to kill Thomas.

"It's really fun to play a badass," the actress said. "And it's really fun when someone hands you a big, giant deer rifle and strap some knives to your leg."

For McNamara, joining the close-knit "Maze Runner" cast in the middle of production was terrifying. It's never easy being the new girl on set, but her MTV buddy O'Brien made her feel right at home.

"I was a little trepidatious about joining the cast for the second film because they were already a family, but from moment one, they welcomed me with open arms," she said. "It's the biggest, warmest family I've ever experienced."

Of course, leading the charge on all things warm and fuzzy on set was notorious hugger -- and fast and furious Mario Kart slayer -- Dylan O'Brien.

"He's such a hugger! They're all huggers! The entire cast," McNamara said. "We'd get home from set every night -- whether -- and we'd always sit down and play Mario Kart before we went to bed. They're masters at Mario Kart; I'm passable."

Oh, and in case you were wondering: "I was Yoshi," she added.