Why Jamie Chung Doesn't Want Fiancé Bryan Greenberg To Watch Her 'Real World' Season

The ertswhile MTV cast member's beau hasn't seen a single San Diego episode.

Jamie Chung may have shown her "real" colors during her San Diego escapades with roomies Brad, Cameran, Frankie, Jacquese, Robin and Randy -- but that doesn't mean the "Hangover" starlet wants to relive those MTV days all these years later with her fiancé Bryan Greenberg. In fact, the "Inferno 2" champ's future hubby hasn't even watched a single episode of the 2003 series.

"I can't find it," the actor recently revealed to ET Online about his ladylove's televised San Diego stint. "She won’t let me see it. I’ve never seen it," he added with a laugh.

Zach Cordner


Why is the MTV alum -- who was known for her sweet demeanor and close bonds with Cam and (FREE!) Brad during her residency at the stunning beach-side abode -- so resistant to have a binge-fest of the classic program with her main man?

"All I asked her was, 'Did you embarrass yourself?' And she said, 'No,'" BG explained. "So I was like, “Alright, fine.' She was like, ‘I was the boring one.'"

You were most certainly NOT, Jam! Even though the quasi Oscar winner didn't need a midnight rescue from the local jail or flirt with the desirable guy housemates, J added her own unique personality and views to the show.

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