Noah Centineo Will Do Anything To Impress Camila Mendes In Netflix's 'The Perfect Date'

Plus, there's a cute 'Austin & Ally' reunion

Noah Centineo is a man of many faces, and based on the trailer that dropped Tuesday (March 26), he's going to be showing off a lot of them in his upcoming Netflix movie, The Perfect Date.

You want Artsy Noah? You got it. You want a Noah who just nods and smiles and agrees with everything you say? Sure thing! We can also offer the model that drives an expensive sports car, or, conversely, the down-to-earth version. Literally, whatever Noah you want, you get in this movie. If that's not what people mean when they talk about "range," I don't know what is.

In the rom-com, the actor plays Brooks Rattigan, a teen with Ivy League dreams and a community college budget. But when he hears about an opportunity to get some cash in exchange for taking a girl to a dance, he realizes that there are more girls out there so desperate for the perfect date that they, too, (and/or their parents) would pay good money for a guaranteed good night out. Finally, Brooks sees a financial path that can lead him to the college, car, and girlfriend of his dreams!

That first girl who inspired the project, Celia (played by Laura Marano), sticks by Brooks as he works his way up the social ladder toward said dream girl (Camila Mendes), but getting there forces him to rethink what — and who — he's really looking for.

Check it out the Dallas and Ally (of Austin & Ally) reunion in the trailer above. The Perfect Date hits Netflix April 12.

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