Joe Jonas Lists Nick and Kevin's Wedding 'Flaws' After Setting a Date With Sophie Turner

A summer wedding for Joe and Sophie

Just call the Jonas Brothers the kings of comebacks — and getting married.

The JoBros are taking over The Late Late Show with James Corden all week, but Monday night (March 4) found them sitting down with the host for their first "formal" interview as a group, where they revealed some juicy secrets — like when Joe Jonas and fiancée Sophie Turner are tying the knot. Turns out they're planning on doing so this year.

"Yeah, we’re going to have a summer wedding, which I’m looking forward to. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” he told Corden during the interview. He then mused on the fact that Sophie's family, despite being from England, isn't as into soccer as he'd hoped they'd be.

"Her whole family doesn't like football, they like rugby. So now I have to figure that out. We're going to have a flag rugby game at the wedding, and a flag football game, so if all the groomsmen show up with black eyes and broken arms, I'll be very proud," he joked.

Corden asked Joe whether or not he had learned anything from Nick and Kevin's nuptials in the past ahead of his upcoming wedding, which Joe had a surprisingly quick answer for.

"Mostly things not to do," he joked. "All 18 of Nick's were amazing," he teased. Cut to Nick, definitely feeling some type of way. Go ahead and make a GIF of that moment, please. Nick, as you may well already be aware, married Priyanka Chopra in both Christian and Hindu ceremonies with several wedding parties after the main event in December.

"I would say, stick to one," Joe continued ribbing his brother. "One and done."

But it wasn't just Nick who got faced the full brunt of his sibling's playful jabs. Joe made sure to launch a few fun barbs at older brother Kevin as well, who married Danielle Jonas in 2009.

"Kevin had a snowstorm during his wedding, so maybe don't get married in December." Solid advice.

Don't let the playful shade fool you. The JoBros are in an amazing place right now. And it's been an exciting past week for them, as they made their big comeback from a lengthy six-year hiatus with a new single "Sucker" and its accompanying music video on March 1. Funny enough, it actually included cameos from Sophie, Priyanka, and Danielle, alongside their Jonas beaus.

With a new Amazon Studios documentary on the way and even more skits and surprises planned with James Corden, JoBros fans are getting Christmas early this year. It's only fair, since this has been years in the making.

Now, on to more important things: Where are our wedding invites, Joe and Sophie?