Jim Carrey's 'Yes Man' Outweighs Will Smith's 'Seven Pounds' At Box Office

Winter storms on both coasts blamed for sluggish weekend numbers.

The Box Office Top Five

#1 "Yes Man" ($18.2 million)

#2 "Seven Pounds" ($16 million)

#3 "The Tale of Despereaux" ($10.5 million)

#4 "The Day the Earth Stood Still" ($10.2 million)

#5 "Four Christmases" ($7.75 million)

Hollywood studios are blaming icy weather and snowstorms in both the Northeast and Northwest regions of the country for this weekend's sluggish numbers. With $18.2 million in its debut weekend, Jim Carrey's [movie id="358529"]"Yes Man"[/movie] beat out Will Smith's [movie id="365268"]"Seven Pounds"[/movie] (which brought in $16 million) for the top position, but Smith's drama had a better per-screen average ($5,801 from only 2,758 screens). Both films were expected to have earned at least $5 million more, and it was Smith's lowest opening since [movie id="202470"]"Ali"[/movie] in 2001.

Studios are watching to see what happens with both films once the weather clears, but early reports suggest that the numbers have more to do with the films lacking a wide appeal. Lending some strength to that theory is the strong numbers that the holiday holdovers continue to do. While [movie id="363792"]"The Day the Earth Stood Still"[/movie] dropped a predictable 67 percent, [movie id="358842"]"Four Christmases"[/movie] continues to celebrate the season, bringing in $7.75 million and crossing the $100 million mark on its 26th day in theaters. [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] also holds steady, dropping off the top five but bringing in $5.2 million (for a total of $158.5 million in 31 days). The weekend's other big new release, [movie id="310536"]"The Tale of Despereaux,"[/movie] offered some solid, family-friendly counterprogramming to come in at #3 with $10.2 million.

The biggest surprise on the top 10 is [movie id="364450"]"Slumdog Millionaire,"[/movie] which knocked Sean Penn's [movie id="374161"]"Milk"[/movie] out of the #8 spot. Danny Boyle's critically lauded pic expanded to 589 theaters, bringing in $5,348 per screen for a grand total of $3.2 million.

In fact, it's the specialty films that are proving to be the winners this Christmas. "Milk" dropped to #11, but crossed the $10 million mark, bringing in $1.6 million from only 356 theaters. [movie id="371022"]"The Wrestler"[/movie] opened on only four screens last Wednesday, but brought in $209,000. With slightly expanded releases, [movie id="384597"]"Gran Torino"[/movie] ($468,000 from 19 screens) and [movie id="345180"]"Doubt"[/movie]($729,000 from 39 screens) kept up their flashy numbers and buzz, though that doesn't necessarily mean they are guaranteed to make a splash in a wider release. [movie id="324234"]"Frost/Nixon"[/movie] has actually dropped its numbers as it expanded from three theaters to 41, bringing in less than $9,000 per venue.

Upcoming Releases

[movie id="305062"]"The Spirit,"[/movie] Adam Sandler's [movie id="338327"]"Bedtime Stories,"[/movie] [movie id="280659"]"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,"[/movie] [movie id="341563"]"Valkyrie"[/movie] and [movie id="362765"]"Marley and Me"[/movie] are all posed to bring you Christmas cheer -- or, you know, World War II -- come December 25.

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