Dating 101: 'Finding Carter''s Taylor Needs Some Tips, And We've Got Her Covered

She may have had some steamy makeout sessions, but Carter's twin still needs a little advice when it comes to the boys.

Dear, sweet, innocent Taylor. Up until the last couple of "Finding Carter" episodes, Carter's twin walked among the "never been kissed" population. Now, she's gone from meek to minx thanks to a little lesson from Ofe and a darkened closet. But there's more to be learned when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex -- a lot more. Such as:

When a guy asks you on a date, DON'T offer to bring his old crush along.


Poor, naive Taylor. When her longtime crush Gabe asked her on a date (he clearly couldn't get their hot-n-heavy makeout sesh out of his head!), she questioned, "You and me, like, a date? But [do] you want me to bring Carter? You like Carter." No, no, a thousand times no! Gabe, in all his flowing-hair glory, likes you. Take the date and run with it, gurl. Oh, and don't say he's crazy for asking you out, either. *face palm*

DON'T ask your crush permission to go on a date with a different guy.


Ouch. When Tay was out visiting her current crush Max at his "Quik N Easy" place of employment, she straight-up asked him if she should go on a date with Gabe. (What?!) "I definitely think you should go, 'cause Gabe's a great catch. He's a jock and really popular," Max said. (WHAT?!?) Note that this comes just a few days after Taylor and Max left their "Seven Four Minutes in Heaven" for a PG-13 romp in the bedroom.

DON'T invite your date over to your house when your crush is a family friend (and could pop in unexpectedly).


Awkward run-in alert with a dash of cringe! When Gabe arrived to pick up Taylor, Max also arrived...for a bro play date with our favorite voice of reason, Grant.

DON'T wait around for a guy to text you.


Especially if he saw you going on a date with a guy who could star in a Pantene hair commercial. Sometimes ya gotta give a guy (*cough* Max *cough*) an inch so he knows you're interested.

DON'T beat around the bush; just be honest!


When Taylor approached Max at work to divulge her innermost feelings, she chose to banter about peanuts rather than admit that she chose him over Gabe. In turn, they were quite rudely interrupted by Lori, Carter's kidnapper-slash-mom. Just spit it out next time, Tay!

DON'T take dating advice from romantic guru Carter.


The number-one dating DON'T takeaway for Taylor? Don't let your twin sister Carter be your guide in affairs of the heart. Homegirl is involved with a juvenile delinquent — 'nuff said.

Got any more pointers to add? Weigh in below, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!