Ben Affleck Mourns The Loss Of An Iconic Batman Actor

One Bruce Wayne salutes another

Ben Affleck is the latest actor to don the cape of the Dark Knight, and he's paying his respects to the actor who “exemplified heroism” and originated the role of Batman on the big screen.

Adam West, the actor who played Batman on the television series and in the film based on the adventures of the Gotham crimefighter in the '60s, passed away at the age of 88 on June 10. As West was revered for his iconic portrayal of the DC hero, several of his famous fans out of Hollywood — from Conan O'Brien to Jaden Smith — mourned the loss of the great talent.

Val Kilmer, who played Batman in 1995's Batman Forever, shared a poignant memory of meeting West as a kid and getting to hop in the Batmobile long before he was in its driver's seat, and Affleck, too, paid his respects to a man who helped define a role he'd later inherit.

Affleck will reprise his role from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Justice League, and clearly, West's impact is a formative one, and one Affleck and the other actors who've taken up his mantle especially appreciate: “Thank you for showing us all how it's done.”

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