From Katy Perry To The 2015 VMAs Moonman, Jeremy Scott Has A History Of Making Over Icons

You've seen it, you've grammed it, you've watched Miley Cyrus' middle finger get censored by it. But do you have any idea why the Moonman for the 2015 VMAs looks the way that it does? Or even how they were able to make rainbow metal? MTV News sat down with designer Jeremy Scott shortly after the reveal of his reimagined Moonman to chat about the inspiration behind his design and how you even begin to tinker with a pop culture icon that has barely changed in the past 30 years.

"Whenever you're working with an icon, I think the thing to do to put your spin on it, is to also retain the DNA of the icon," Jeremy explained during his visit. "Then, I wanted to take things that are iconic from my own repertoire, so I took my iconic wings and gave him wings on his moon boots. I gave him a big bling bling chain with a peace sign [Ed Note: The peace sign has been a large part of Jeremy's work as well as the history of Moschino, even before Jeremy came on as Creative Director], and then, I thought about MTV and how today we do so much digitally and the 'M' and 'TV' and music and television. I thought, 'Well, let's take it back to TV—old school—and I thought about the color TV bars and the test pattern and the color on that, and that's what I applied on top of him."

And those soft, subtle color bars? Jeremy revealed that they're all hand painted. Congratulations, 2015 VMA winners, you've got a serious limited edition item on your hands!

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Jeremy Scott - Runway - MADE Fashion Week Spring 2014

Though the colorful look bears a resemblance to Jeremy's Spring/Summer 2014 "Teenagers from Mars" collection for his namesake label, Jeremy says he wasn't explicitly thinking about tying those projects up (even though he admits the space connection is nice). Instead, he explains that color bars are another element that he's liked playing around with for years (he also used the motif in his Fall 2009 Adidas Originals collection).

Jeremy admits to watching the VMAs—in his own words—"religiously" growing up and cites many of Madonna's moments as sticking with him at a young age: kissing Britney and Christina on stage, performing "Vogue" as Marie Antoinette, and even that time Courtney Love crashed her interview with a MAC compact. "I feel like that's what's so fun about the VMAs—almost anything can happen and it often does," Jeremy elaborates. "That's what makes it so much more, not only special, but cooler than any other awards show."

As a long-time fan of the show, Jeremy was understandably emotional when he learned about this opportunity, revealing to MTV News that he cried (❤️!) when he first got the news that he would be the second artist ever to reimagine the icon. "I was so excited for Brian, for KAWS, when he was asked to do the 2013 Moonman," Jeremy said. "I thought it was so memorable and exciting and fun, so, I really feel honored to be asked to do this and to be able to bring some fun to [the Moonman] as well."

Tapping Jeremy for this project is even more fitting because of how well he bridges the worlds of music and fashion, much like the VMAs themselves. "I feel like the VMAs is the most iconic of all the music awards for fashion," Jeremy explains. "I feel like that's the time people really just let their freak flag fly. I mean, there's been such amazing history of wild outfits—and some things that are barely an outfit [laughs]—every year! That's what's really exciting about the VMAs, and I look forward to seeing what people bring this year."

On top of making over the statue, Jeremy also has a spot in the VMA red carpet pre-show and is working with Miley on at least one look for the main event itself. Pair that with his documentary hitting theaters September 18, winning the Designer of the Year award, and designing every single one of Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance outfits, and you've got an incredibly stacked year for the Moschino Creative Director. "There's no way to top this year," Jeremy admits. "There's no way to top doing the Super Bowl with Katy. First of all, because that's my best friend, that's someone that I've watched grow as an artist and as a human. And who started out as a girl who stopped me out and told me that she loved my designs and that one day she hoped that I would make her clothes because she was a singer when she had not yet had an album come out." Yes, you read that right. Katy and Jeremy became friends before she ever kissed a girl and quickly made a LOT of history together in their respective fields soon after. Jeremy has undoubtedly been instrumental in Katy's ability to shape-shift over time.

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Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott

Of course, we couldn't let Jeremy go without getting a little intel about his forthcoming Fashion Week shows. He teased that the newest collection for his namesake label is his "imagination of a cool girl on the Lower East Side from the early '80s who was really into the 1950s and late '60s music scene" and relates it to a feeling of looking at Nan Goldin photos or picture of people going to CBGB's." And of Moschino, all he could say was, "Moschino is kind of under construction, you could say. That's my clue that I'll give you." Cryptic! But I'm sure—much like his made-over Moonman and pretty much anything else Jeremy touches—all your faves are going to want their hands on it.

Mark your calendars now for 2015 "MTV VMA Red Carpet" live pre-show going down Sunday August 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT before the big show kicks off at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.