21 Other Times The 'Friends' Reunited

The one where we remember all the 'Friends' reunions past.

We're just days away from finding out how many of the Friends bumped uglies (or, as Janice would say, "Who of the six of you has almost?") and other juicy deets from the almost-full cast reunion that's set to air later this month.

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Chandler I'

But this wait still feels like it could not be any longer, so we wanted to have a quick flashback episode to all the mini-reunions Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc have engaged in since saying goodbye to the big apartment 12 years ago.

2004: David Schwimmer shows some love for Joey.

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None of the Matt LeBlanc's Central Perk pals showed their faces for his short-lived spin-off series, but David Schwimmer did continue the Ross-ish tradition of supporting his actor pal's career moves by directing two episodes from Season 1. Sure, it had nothing to do with sight-reading lines during robot explosions, learning to kiss a guy on-screen or mastering the ins and outs of "Bamboozled," but he still stepped up because dammit he is a good friend.

2007: Jennifer Aniston gets dirty with Courteney Cox.


Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox on Dirt

Rachel and Monica might have kissed for "one good minute" to earn their apartment back in Season 4, but that visual was reserved strictly for pervy imagination fodder for Joey and Chandler and never shown to audiences. 10 years later, though, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox moved right into Joey's imagination when Aniston guest-starred as a frisky frenemy on Cox's FX series, Dirt and got a little sangria-style silly.

2007-forever: Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are everlasting event buddies.

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Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

It's no secret that Monica and Rachel are the IRL lobsters of the coffeehouse gang because year after year after year, these two hit the town together arm-in-arm and prove that sometimes we can have nice things. Courteney even chose Jen to be her daughter Coco's godmother. As the good song goes, they'll be there for each other.

April, 2009: Courteney signs up for Web Therapy.

Lisa Kudrow graduated from massage therapist to shrink for her Showtime series, and the show would eventually become something of a go-to for (almost) all of her Friends, starting with Courteney Cox's 2009 turn as a patient who insists she's psychic and may or may not have foretold that whole ice dancer husband problem Phoebe had back in Season 2.

January, 2010: Lisa Kudrow returns the favor with a quick trip to Cougar Town.


Lisa Kudrow on Cougar Town

Courteney's Cougar Town would also become a revolving door for her Friends just like Mon's apartment (she did always fancy herself the eternal hostess), starting with Lisa Kudrow pitching in for a guest spot in the first season. Hilariously, she starred as a witchy skin doc who wanted the waiting room perk level dialed way down to zilch, and let's just say Courteney's character was no Parker. Phoebe Buffay would've hated this new TV twin more than Ursula.

September, 2010: Jennifer Aniston also strolls into Town for a hot minute.


Jennifer Aniston on Cougar Town with Courteney Cox

Like Lisa Kudrow, Aniston also starred as a doctor (in this case, a therapist named Glenn) who was definitely not feeling Cox's character quirks.

January, 2012: Chandler finds his truth with Phoebe.

We have Chandler and Phoebe to thank for the whole "they don't know that we know they know we know" incident, so it was pretty cute when the subject of Matthew Perry's phoned in therapy session with his former co-star was his love of lies.

June, 2012: Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc prove Phoebe and Joey were/are/always will be the best.

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???? Phoebe and Joey shamefully did not become a thing the way they were meant to, but Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow's "stop eating hot" shot here (at the Season 2 premiere of his hysterically self-aware series Episodes) gives the fanfic-ers plenty to work with.

August, 2012: David Schwimmer becomes a regular creep-o for Kudrow.

Ross Geller might have had his moments of being way too weird, but his recurring Web Therapy alter ego Newell L. Miller needed to do a total personality pivot. Maybe this is payback for the time Phoebe mugged Ross?

March, 2013: Courtney and Chandler Go On another date.

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Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox on Go On

Ross and Rachel might have been the ones with horrible blind date track records, but when the Bings hit the small screen together again, it was one for the books. Courteney Cox came in as the widowed and wild Talia in Matthew Perry's short-lived comedy series, and they dated for barely a blink before she dragged him into chatting up her late husband's headstone and riding passenger to grand theft auto.

May, 2013: Jen drops in on Matt for Ellen.

This little skit served as a important PSA that real-life people barging into one another's homes unexpected has consequences besides an exposed "nipular area" or two. Like maybe finding out your BFF is still sleeping with Chandler behind your back and of course Joey is involved somehow (probably being pegged as "disgusting" again).

July, 2013: Matt and Lisa get mushy about the past.

Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow teamed up for a stint on Piers Morgan Live and used every heartstring for emotional tug-of-war practice as they admitted that they, too, were not quite done with Friends when we said goodbye to Apartment 20. SOB.

January, 2014: Matthew Perry makes himself at home at Courteney's spot, per usual.


Matthew Perry Cougar Town guest star

Matthew Perry joined the fray to offer the grand romantic gesture of a flash mob serenade and put Chandler's pig sex proposal overtures to shame. (Richard must have been hiding in the hall closet again this time.)

July, 2014: The one where everyone is suddenly running into one another.

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2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour - CBS, CW And Showtime Party

In the span of a week, Lisa Kudrow basically hosted her own little Friends reunion around Tinseltown. One night, she had a "fun" dinner with the girls (and we hope pajamas and George Stephanopoulos's pizza were in the mix for that again). Then she just casually shared a red carpet with Matt LeBlanc at the TCAs, NBD.

August, 2014: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow take us back to Apartment 20.

Jimmy Kimmel Live went all-in with an exact set replication of the big apartment for this cold fan-fic reading that turned into the realest deal with surprise appearances by Monica and Phoebe reading the one where Ross is being weird again. How YOU doin'?

November, 2014: Jen and Lisa ❤️‍ to f*@%!ng curse.

Phoebe and Rachel were one with the wacky running, and it looks like they had a little something in common off-screen as well: their love of the swears. Someone shield Ben's eyes.

February, 2015: David Schwimmer dives into Episodes.

Joey might have been a flop, but Matt LeBlanc is surprisingly good at playing himself on the small screen. His Golden Globe-winning turn as Matt LeBlanc for Showtime's Episodes is about as meta as it gets, so of course David Schwimmer would come full circle and hug it out with his old pal on the show (as himself, which he is also quite keen to portray here).

April, 2015: Jen supports Court in her directorial debut movie.

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Los Angeles Special Screening Of

'Cause you're there for me too...

May, 2015: Ross says "hi" again.

Jimmy Fallon had David Schwimmer call into the show to reprise his signature series opening phrase: the mopey "hi" that officially launched The Divorce Force.

August, 2015: Monica gets to be the MOH again.

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According to the fair share system the ladies devised, Phoebe was technically supposed to serve as Maid of Honor during Rachel's wedding, but when Jennifer Aniston traded vows with her long-time beau Justin Thoreaux, it was Courteney Cox who got the job. The only real question is: did she bring her beloved headset?

August, 2015: Yes more J Man and Channy's.

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TCA Summer Press Tour 2015

The Friends finale might have been the real end of an era, but some bromances are forever. The Matts nuzzled up like old times at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2015, and the only thing missing were Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. (and their best friends bracelets, of course).

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