Mandy Moore And Shane West Look Back On 'A Walk To Remember' 15 Years Later

Jamie + Landon 4ever

Believe it or not, it’s been 15 years since A Walk to Remember hit theaters and made you bawl your eyes out with its heartbreaking story of love, rebelliousness, and death (oops ... spoiler alert!).

The now-classic rom-com starred Mandy Moore and Shane West as Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter, two mismatched teens who fall in love despite his friends’ disapproval and her battle with cancer. A decade and a half after Jamie and Landon’s sweet but sob-worthy story, Moore and West took to Twitter to share their memories of the film and to answer fans' questions about the Adam Shankman–directed flick.

Here are the most interesting things we learned from the two former co-stars:

Moore, who was only 17 at the time of filming, admitted she had “NO idea” what she was doing, and that West was very patient with her. She also confirmed that yes, he’s as dreamy as he seems.

And West really loves her, too.

One of the highlights from AWTM was the scene where Jamie sings “Only Hope” during a school play that she and Landon are starring in. Moore said she was super nervous to do the song, but also said it was her favorite scene.

West added, “I loved sitting there watching you do that 😎.”

On the flip side, one of the movie’s saddest scenes was when Jamie finally told Landon she’s sick. Moore called that the most difficult scene to shoot.

When a fan asked if they had “instant chemistry,” West replied, “I believe that’s what made it all happen,” and Moore wholeheartedly agreed.

The telescope Landon made for Jamie was actually a functioning telescope!

There may actually be a reunion in the works!

So there you have it. Moore and West still love A Walk to Remember, they love that you still love A Walk to Remember, and they’ve now officially gotten our hopes up for a reunion. Our only hopes, you could say.