23 Perfectly Normal Selfies Hilariously Re-Drawn By Strangers

“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls."

Listen up, everyone. The French Girls app is the best thing to happen to selfies since SnapChat. The concept is simple -- you post a selfie for the world to see, and a stranger (a.k.a. a Leo DiCaprio-as-Jack Dawson-‘Titanic’ wannabe) sketches their interpretation of your pic. The app's slogan sums it up in four words: Take selfie. Get drawings.

The app's been around since January 2014 and recently hit one million downloads. Singer and actress Christina Milian, NFL football player Larry English, and entrepreneur Kristopher Jones have all invested in the company.

Here's a few selfie portraits (via French Girls' own "Top Ranked" gallery and Imgur) that put the Mona Lisa to shame:

1. A Pringles impersonator

2. A regal dog who can't be bothered by peasants

3. A couple who lives their life in plastic (it's fantastic)

4. Kevin G. in college

5. A ferocious hot dog

6. A catfish that isn't a TV show

7. And a CatDog that is a TV show

8. A glamorous centaur

9. This girl who was probably just trying to call her mom back

10. A real-life Cruella de Vil

11. L'Oréal's next big thing

12. A majestic merman Ariel would definitely have a crush on

13. A manchild spotted in the wild

14. A hormonal teenager

15. Someone who hopefully knows the Ramones are a band and not a clothing brand

16. This dude who could totally moonlight as a professional ballerina

17. A not-so-secret admirer

18. A magnificent sloth

19. Hazel Grace Labrador and Augustus Terrier

20. Someone who actually bought a CD

21. Patchy the Pirate after he went through a few dark years

22. This heartfelt moment between two star-crossed lovers

23. And maybe you'll even get the chance to draw Christina Milian herself!