The Cast Of 'Will & Grace' Reunited And Teased Fans With A Comeback

‘Can’t talk, feeling something’

Will & Grace concluded its eight-season run 10 years ago, which means we’re long overdue for a reunion. On Wednesday (September 21), the show’s four stars — Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, and Sean Hayes — met up for ~mysterious~ reasons, but only decided to share the pics over the weekend. While some fans believe it’ll be for a comeback or reboot, we’re just thrilled the fab four are back together again. Look how cute they are!

In true Karen Walker fashion, Mullally commented on Messing’s group photo with, “i’m smiling, too, and not just because of a hand 🍌.” She also tweeted this pic of her and Messing with a hilariously suggestive caption.

Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman (and Mullally’s husband) was quick to play up her joke, tweeting, “Ringside seat please.”

They also shared a few more pics, making us want to play hooky and binge-watch Will & Grace all day long.

However, it’s the more recent pics that have the internet believing some kind of comeback is in the works. The cast posted photos with teasing captions referencing the show. Guys, we finally got over American Horror Story’s drawn-out teasing brigade; our hearts can’t handle much more right now. I think Karen Walker said it best when she asked, “Honey, what’s this? What’s happening? What’s going on?” Yeah, we’d like to know that too.