Ne-Yo Creating 'I Heart Tuesday' For Cartoon Network

Singer says animated series will follow a teenage girl's fight against evil.

[artist id="2002414"]Ne-Yo[/artist] might be a singer, songwriter and actor, but he's looking to expand his résumé even further by creating his very own show. In an interview with the Associated Press, the "Beautiful Monster" star revealed that he has inked a deal with Cartoon Network to produce an animated series.

The show, which he said he created for his sister, is called "I Heart Tuesday" and is expected to begin production soon. As for the plot of the show, Ne-Yo said the forthcoming series is about "a 16-year-old girl that inherits the curse of her bloodline and she's forced to save the world from the unknown evil every Tuesday for the rest of her life."

In addition to the animated series, the 31-year-old singer revealed he's creating a line of hats. This isn't the first time Ne-Yo has spoken about other business ventures. Back in August, the hitmaker told MTV Style, "I've been talking to some people about doing a hat line, in that the hat is what I'm most known for," the singer said. "It's odd that the hat is more popular than the music? And possibly a fragrance, but I don't know what I smell like, so I don't know if I want people to smell like me. I mean, I know I don't stink. But everything is in conversation right now."

In the meantime, fans can catch the entertainer in the sci-fi flick "Battle: Los Angeles," which hit theaters Friday (March 11).

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