Jason Derulo Slid Into 5 Seconds Of Summer's Twitter DM's But Forgot To Reply For Two Years

"are you still there"

Imagine one of your faves sliding into your Twitter DM's and then leaving you hanging for two years? It happened to 5 Seconds of Summer and they were pretty heartbroken about it.

Back in 2014, Jason Derulo sent a casual "Hey!" via direct message to the boys on their @5SOS account to which they quickly responded, "Hey man! Whatsup?" but Jason never replied.

It's been two years since Jason's DM and the guys haven't let it go.

"I remember the morning you DM'd me. It was a cold London morning and I was walking into the van and I saw your DM and it just brightened my day," Calum Hood told Asia Pop 40 in an interview last week. "It just hurts that you haven't replied."

Michael Clifford stepped in, "I'm sorry. Calum's my best friend and I just want to let you know, Jason, that Calum's waited every day for the past two years. He's looked at his phone every day and he hasn't stopped -- It's not fine. If you're watching, please have a heart."

Thanks to the #5SOSFam, who hit up Jason on Twitter and Instagram -- letting him know that he had a v. important DM to reply to -- Jason finally got back to the boys:

Unfortunately, no screenshot of their current convo has been grabbed but we can only hope it is everything the 5SOS guys have dreamed of.

For old times' sake, here is fetus 5SOS covering Jason's "In My Head" -- because their love for JD goes way back: