Justin Bieber Has 'How' Many New Songs In His Journal?

Manager Scooter Braun tells MTV News about the music Biebs has penned during his 'Believe' Tour.

Justin Bieber has new music! And according to manager Scooter Braun, there might be more than 240 new JB songs out there. That is, if the pop star has been writing every day on his global Believe tour like he says.

The 19-year-old first teased his "music journals" on Monday and has since created the hashtag "#musicjournals," which left Beliebers scratching their heads. To clear up the vague Twitter mystery, MTV News looked to Braun to open up about Bieber's new project.

"Well I don't ever disclose what our plans are, but I will say this: he's been writing one to two songs a day for the entire tour and he actually labels them by the city he writes them in," he told MTV News Tuesday night at the [article id="1706234"]Time 100 Gala[/article].

So... that's a lot of tunes! In more than eight months since his tour kicked off in September, Justin has hit up cities like New York, L.A., London, Berlin and Madrid, among others.

"We started calling it his 'music journal' and we're talking about what should come next musically," he added about the songs. Perhaps he's hinting at Biebs' next album? "And I think creatively he just wants to share all his thoughts through music."

Bieber got fans buzzing last Saturday when he posted and promptly deleted a [article id="1706114"]photograph of him with Selena Gomez[/article], who had reportedly visited her ex during his stop in Oslo, Norway. What we want to know is: what is the "Oslo" song going to sound like?

"The Oslo song, you'll have to see," he teased. "Norway was an incredibly inspirational place. So you'll have to see."

Do you think Justin wrote a song about your city? Show your hometown pride in the comments!

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