The Rock Teases His Villainous Turn As DC’s Black Adam

It’s going to be ‘fucking awesome’

More than three years after his casting was announced, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's villainous turn as Black Adam is finally starting to come together.

MTV News caught up with Johnson at the world premiere of The Fate of the Furious, out this Friday, and we couldn't resist asking him if there was any progress on the Shazam casting front. While Johnson wouldn't reveal if Warner Bros. had found its newest superhero, he did confirm that the long-awaited Shazam movie and his recently announced Black Adam stand-alone film would be two very different movies.

"We've had great discussions with Geoff Johns over at DC. This is a really fun, cool time for DC right now because they're world-building," Johnson told MTV's Josh Horowitz. "We're seeing that with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. We have a few surprises down the line."

"So what we decided to do was to create a scenario where Black Adam has his stand-alone movie, and Captain Marvel, Shazam, has his stand-alone movie," he added. "We're building our world that way, and then we can come together at some point."

Johnson also teased a big surprise for his Black Adam solo film: "It's just fucking awesome." (OK, so maybe that wasn't that much of a surprise.) Still, when it comes to DC and Warner Bros., ideas aren't generally the problem: It's execution.

Speaking of spin-offs and cinematic universes, the multi-hyphenate also revealed that Universal has every intention of developing a spin-off for his popular Fast & Furious character, Luke Hobbs. Watch the interview above for more details!

The Fate of the Furious hits theaters this Friday, April 14.

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