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Jennifer Lawrence's 11 Most Amazing Overshares

A roundup of J-Law's greatest hits from the TMI collection.

By Kat Rosenfield

Armpit vaginas, sex toy collections, and now, a public vomiting incident followed by a post-puke scolding by Miley Cyrus: Jennifer Lawrence is a virtual human magnet for embarrassing situations, and she's not afraid to tell the world about them -- much to the world's delight.

Lawrence's latest oops moment is like something out of an absurdist Hollywood nightmare, as the star spilled her guts about, um, spilling her guts, on a pre-taped appearance on "Late Night with Seth Myers."

The story was reported to US Weekly by an audience member who was present for the taping in April (the interview itself will air later this month, on May 21.) According to the source, The Jennifer confessed that she drank too much, barfed on a staircase, and was told by a passing Miley Cyrus to "get it together" at Madonna's post-Oscars party this year.

Needless to say, this isn't the first time that we've gotten an earful of Jennifer's TMI. Her oversharing abilities are legend! And in honor of this latest addition to the J-Law Catalogue of Hilarious Overshares, we're revisiting all our favorites. Like:

11. Nervous pre-show urination.


10. Gastrological grossness.

9.The joys of peeing with a pal.

8. Downing a little liquid courage after she won her Oscar.

7. Frequent pantslessness.

6. Armpit vaginas!

5. Lies!

4. Losing fights with inanimate objects!

3. Peculiar workout tips based on apparent personal experience.


2. The butt plugs. Always, the butt plugs.

1. And of course, the moment of self-awareness.