5 Reasons Scott And His 'Teen Wolf' Pack Need To Save Lydia ASAP

If our banshee spends one more stinkin' minute in that insane asylum, we're gonna SCREAM.

Sure, it's obvious: Lydia has been a mainstay on "Teen Wolf" since the show's inception, so our love might run a wee bit deeper for her than, say, Hayden.*

But there's more to our Lyd than the fact that she's simply a character favorite. Lydia must be saved STAT — and not just rescued by any ol' Joe or Jane, mind you. Recovered by Scott and his pack. (THEO, WE'RE TALKIN' TO YOU! Keep your claws off our girl.) Here are five very real reasons why:

Lydia could save the world (or at least Beacon Hills).


Dr. Valack and the evil Eichen House staff insist on keeping Lydia locked up — but why? Scott said it himself: "Maybe [Lydia's] the only one who can actually save us." The banshee appears to have some sort of a meaningful connection to a large number of threats: The Dread Doctors. La Bête. The Hellhound. Theo. Perhaps even the Desert Wolf, for all we know. Lydia might just hold the key to all of this madness.

She might scream herself to death...


Hey, it happened to one of Dr. Valack's former victims patients. Now that he's amplified her abilities, it can sure as hell happen to Lydia too.

...or Dr. Valack will just continue to drill holes into her skull.


If Deaton's photographic evidence is any indication, there appears to be no limit to the madman's experimentation.

Stydia still has a chance.


So you're sayin' there's still a possibility for this ship to sail? Always when it comes to Stydia. Always. (And is it just us, or does Stiles seem extra concerned with saving Lydia? Stalia certainly seems to be a thing of the past.)

Theo CAN'T win.


Because that would royally suck. It's his fault Lydia is strapped to a gurney in the first place. We don't even want to think about what would become of Lyd if that power-hungry psycho got his claws on her again.

+ Does Lydia hold the key to ending this Season 5 insanity? Do the damn thing (comment), and meet us right back here later this week for our theories on who might be the man (or woman) behind La Bête! And don't forget to set your DVR for "Teen Wolf" Tuesdays at 9/8c.

*Before you Hayden fanatics get your britches in a bunch, we love Hayden dearly. JSYK.

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