'Catfish' Poll: Should Jeff Commit To Brandy -- Even While Overseas?

He finally opened his heart to the woman who lied to him, but something is still holding him back.

Finding love is difficult for anyone, but doing it when you're deployed for a majority of the year is nearly impossible.

On tonight's episode of "Catfish," Jeff, an active navy sailor from Florida, found himself at a standstill. He'd been Internet-dating a nurse named Megan -- who'd sent him a Facebook friend request accidentally -- for about a year. Megan, like Jeff, was shy and gentle and shared his love of dogs. But after she stood Jeff up when he traveled all the way to Texas to visit her, he had understandable concerns.

Through the power of some super-sleuthing, Max and Nev discovered that Megan was more than likely a woman named Brandy, who shared the same address, phone number and membership to dog appreciation groups as Megan -- but who didn't have a photo attached to her profile. Max and Nev called Megan to try to convince her to meet Jeff, but she was reluctant. And since Jeff couldn't leave Florida while on duty, Max had no choice but to venture to Texas by himself to win Megan (or was it Brandy?) over.


Once Max finally made contact with Jeff's beloved in Dallas, she admitted to creating the "Megan" profile and said a string of bad relationships, including a recently abusive one, killed her self-esteem. Brandy used Megan as a means to escape her own problems, she explained. And though she had misgivings about meeting Jeff, she finally agreed to rip off the bandage and get it over with.

Back in Florida, Brandy broke down as she sorted through her trust issues with Jeff, and pleaded with with him to sympathize with her behavior. "The reason I kept talking to you, I mean, you're not like a lot of other guys," she said through tears. "You're a lot more understanding."

Jeff proceeded to prove her point when, after a more intense conversation, he vowed to keep in touch and even see if he and Brandy -- with whom he felt something real -- could cultivate a connection after letting the dust settle.

At the catch-up interview, Jeff said he still spoke to Brandy every day but was reluctant to officially strike up a relationship with her, as he was deploying again in seven days. You know what they say, though -- absence makes the heart grow fonder. So if Jeff's feelings are real, should he make it official with Brandy, or is he right to be apprehensive?

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