Talk The Talk With Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister

ATN spoke to Lemmy Kilmister this week to get his version

of his 50th birthday, which didn't occur until Dec. 24, but which he celebrated

in Los Angeles on December 14 at the Whiskey. This is what he had to say about

the festivities, proving that Lemmy's not only getting better but he's getting

crankier: "There were far too many people there. Metallica did a very good

turn. They all dressed up as me, and I thought that was great. It was a lovely

bit of respect, that was. I knew they were coming to the party, but I didn't

know they were going to come dressed up like that. And they played all very old

Motörhead songs, that they obviously used to do when they just started.

Addicted To Noise: What did Metallica do to look like


Lemmy: They all had long black wigs on and penciled-in

mustaches, and a tattoo drawn on one arm, with a black marker. Besides, they

got their tattoos on the wrong arm, too, every one of them.


Did they do that on purpose?

Lemmy: No, I don't think so. It nearly

killed Jason [Newsted] singing "We Are The Road Crew." They don't do anything

that close together, like.

ATN: How long did they


Lemmy: They played for about forty-five minutes, and then I

went on-stage for "We Are The Road Crew," I sang backing with


ATN: Was that the highlight of the night for


Lemmy: No. Our gig was the highlight of the night. It was very

nice of them. I've known them since they started, I've known Lars [Ulrich]

since before they started.

ATN: What's Motörhead up to these day? I

understand you're signed to a European label.

Lemmy: And an American

one, too.

ATN: Are you working on a new album?


Not yet we're doing a short U.S. tour first, starting in January. I'm coming to

New York to do the USA Network's "Up All Night" show with Gilbert Godfrey on

January 5.

ATN: We heard that Motörhead is closing New York's


Lemmy: Yeah, well we closed the Ritz already.

ATN: Do you know the date of the Limelight show.


Probably not. My enemy is paper, see. My filing system is my house. I have

towering stacks of paper, and they slide. I hate them when they slide. I don't

have the dates.

ATN: Are you doing any new songs in your


Lemmy: Are we doing any songs in our set? Yeah we try to put a

couple in.

ATN: New songs, new songs. (Ed: you know they say the

hearing is the first to go.)

Lemmy: No, but we're doing a different

old one. We put "Legionnaire" back in. We're doing "Sacrifice" as well, and

"Sex And Death" and "Over Your