50 Cent Erupts After Song, Video With Robin Thicke Leak: Source

Clip for 'Curtis' track 'Follow My Lead,' featuring Dustin Hoffman, surfaced online Thursday night.

50 Cent erupted at the G-Unit offices in New York Thursday night after his collaboration with Robin Thicke leaked in both song and video form, a source told MTV News.

On Thursday morning, G-Unit Records unveiled a new song from 50's September 11 LP, Curtis: a neighborhood knocker named "We on Some Sh--" that features Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. But by nightfall, mayhem apparently ensued when not only another Curtis song leaked online — "Follow My Lead," his collaboration with Robin Thicke — but its accompanying video as well.

According to the source, "Follow My Lead" wasn't supposed to be released until further down the line in Curtis' run, especially since 50 has videos for "I Get Money" and "Ayo Technology" already in rotation (see [article id="1566146"]"50 Cent Suits Up For 'Ayo Technology' Clip With Justin Timberlake, Timbaland"[/article]).

Needless to say, 50 didn't take the news too kindly, causing quite a stir at the G-Unit offices, according to both the source and the web site of radio personality/journalist MissInfo. 50 reportedly erupted, ripping out a plasma TV, throwing his cell phone through a glass window and saying that he was going on vacation.

50 talked about his frustration over the way Interscope handled his Curtis project with DJ Kay Slay on New York's Hot 97 in an interview that aired late Thursday night.

"The process has been ill for me this go-around," he said. "I usually have to start a project myself, as far as Interscope. I got to lead. On the first album, 'Wanksta' just took off before 'In Da Club' came about. When we got to The Massacre, I leaked 'Disco Inferno' and they caught up with 'Candy Shop.' This album, I threw 'Straight to the Bank' out there and 'Amusement Park' was the joint they were supposed to assist me with going after. But when that came, it grew at the same pace that 'Straight to the Bank' grew. And I was like, 'Yo, it don't feel like it's a difference in the support for the actual record.'

"So I go back in and create something different," he continued. "So when I came back with 'I Get Money,' I was actually upset that 'Ayo Technology' leaked. It kind of cut into 'I Get Money' a little bit. I knew for a fact the record was leaked from Interscope. Because the first two records, 'Straight to the Bank' and 'Amusement Park,' weren't playing at the station that played 'Ayo Technology' first. So that's an indication to me that they delivered it to Top 40 and crossover [radio formats] ahead of ... They sent it to [New York radio station] Z-100 before they sent it to Hot 97. I was like, 'Yo, that's not a regular leak, B.' I was like, '[My promotion strategy] is necessary because this is speaking to my base, my core audience.' "

By late Friday morning, the "Follow My Lead" clip had been removed from YouTube, but high-quality clips could be found elsewhere on the Internet. The video begins with 50 in his car, yelling into his phone in mid-argument with a girlfriend: "Maybe I do need to see a psychiatrist! I'm crazy from talkin' to your a--!"

It fades into a scene showing 50 in the office of a psychiatrist, who is played by legendary actor Dustin Hoffman. He notes that 50's girlfriend referred him, complaining that 50 never calls her by her name. Hoffman then pulls out a pocket watch and begins to swing it before 50's eyes, hypnotizing him, saying repetitively, "I'm not going to say those words any more, I'm not going to call women those names any more ... "

Fif's eyes follow the watch and he falls asleep, dreaming of a scene where he and piano-playing Thicke, both clad in classy black suits, are performing in a small, swank nightclub setting accompanied by a jazz trio.

The song is a laid-back, piano-driven tune that finds 50 expressing himself to the ladies.

"If you listen to the rumors, they say '50 f---in' crazy,' " he raps in the first verse. " '50 don't know how to treat a lady'/ They wrong ... You could be my Beyoncé/ I'll be your Jay."

"Wherever I go ..." Thicke sings on the hook before 50 finishes, "Follow my lead/ Baby, I can be all you need/ I'll hold you down, you can put your trust in me/ I think God made you for me."

After the song fades, Hoffman abruptly snaps his fingers and we're back in the psychiatrist's office. "Curtis, that's our time for today," he says.

Representatives for Interscope Records, which distributes G-Unit Records, had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment at press time. A representative for the New York Police Department said it had not been contacted about the incident.

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[This story was originally published at 1:23 am E.T. on 8.10.2007]

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