'Ted 2' Cast Predicts What You Can Expect In 'Ted 3'

What mess can this talking teddy bear get into next?

With reporting by Michael Pell

Now that "Ted 2" has officially hit theaters, and we've seen the debauchery that Ted and his best friend John have gotten themselves into trying to fight for Ted's legal rights, it's time to look ahead. "Ted 3" hasn't been officially announced, but given the success of the franchise, we wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the last time we saw this teddy bear.

MTV News went straight to source, asking the cast of "Ted 2," including the maestro himself, Seth MacFarlane, to predict the plot of the threequel. (Warning: major "Ted 2" spoilers lie ahead in the video, so if you don't want to know how the film ends, look away!)

"There's many stupid things you could do," Mark Wahlberg told us, before adding he's not one to think ahead. "We haven't talked about that. It's funny because we really didn't talk about the second one for quite some time after the first."

Meanwhile, "Ted" newbie Amanda Seyfried had an ingenious idea: college years!

"Tami-Lynn could go to college, and Ted could stay home and be a stay-at-home dad," she said. "Actually, then where would they make their money?"

Fair point. Scratch that. New plan: "I think they should both have kids, Ted and John," she said.

MacFarlane, for his part, seems to already have an idea in mind for a potential third flick.

"I think the end of 'Ted 2' sets up some sort of direction for 'Ted 3' -- they have a baby at the end of the movie, so that sort of sets up a whole new phase of his life."

"Ted 2" hits theaters on June 26.