'I Can't Trust Your Wife': Amber Tells Gary That She's Done With Kristina On 'Teen Mom OG'

Will the two women ever be able to reconcile?

Amber and Kristina have reconciled their differences in the past, but Leah's mom insisted during Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion that she will "never have a good relationship" with Gary's wife from here on out. So can history repeat itself, or will the duo continue to be estranged?

Earlier this season, Gary and Kristina spoke with Leah about her birthday and potential plans with her mom. Leah resisted inviting Amber to a small family get-together and stated, "Twelve years, and she hasn't really done anything. That's kind of been Kristina's spot."

Kristina's reply: "I'm just the bonus mom."

When Amber and Gary watched this scene back with hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa, Amber was upset at Kristina and believed she could have "said a bit more." Gary replied that he was "pro your relationship with Leah," but Amber's hurt was palpable.

"Sometimes I get pushed to the side, obviously -- she just said it," Amber admitted.

Dr. Drew agreed with Amber, saying these are "touchy, emotional, hot button issues" and "of course" Amber would have feelings about them. But Amber had enough and halted the discussion.

"I'm going to stop this right now," she stated. "We're going to end this on a positive. Thank you, Gary, so much for that. I really enjoyed seeing that. That was amazing to hear you actually sticking up for me. But your wife is absolutely horrible at it."

Amber then reflected on her history with Gary and told him how she appreciated him.

"You are a great person -- you have always been there for me when I've asked you to be there for me. You said I could trust you, and I did trust you," Amber said. "But I can't trust your wife. And she has sat there and gotten in the way of me and my daughter over and over and over again, as you have tried to push me toward my daughter."


She concluded that she will never have a "good relationship" with Kristina -- and with that, she left the set. But is this the case, or can the two women work to repair it? Give your predictions in the comments, and be sure to hear from Kristina when she joins Gary next week on Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion.

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