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Carl Cox, Keoki Headline 25-City U.S. Tour

Moonshine Overamerica launches Sept. 28 in San Diego, also with Christopher Lawrence and John Kelley.

Leading American dance-music label Moonshine Music announced on Friday the dates and cities for its fourth annual Moonshine Overamerica tour, which will feature top DJs Carl Cox, Keoki and Christopher Lawrence.

Other artists on the 25-city jaunt, which begins Sept. 28 in San Diego, include John Kelley, AK1200, Dave Audé, Dieselboy, Cirrus, D-Fuse, Donald Glaude, Micro, Charles Feelgood, Frankie Bones and Misstress Barbara.

The featured performers cover a wide range of musical styles, from Kelley's uplifting DJ sets to Cirrus' combination of live instruments and techno to Bones' banging hard house and Lawrence's lush trance excursions. The tour's shows will include live performances and DJ sets.

"Instead of other tours that just go out with a bunch of names, we've found that our tours mesh really well," Moonshine President Steve Levy said. "We program the night the same way a DJ would program their set. There is a progression throughout the night. We consider who's playing when and how each DJ's style will affect the crowd's mood. Each night is going to be a journey from start to finish with all of our artists."

In conjunction with the tour, Moonshine is releasing Moonshine Overamerica 2000 The Music: DJ Mixed, a compilation that will hit stores Sept. 26 and include two new singles: Keoki's "Pass It On" and Cirrus' "Ghetto Blaster."

"Moonshine Overamerica '99 Documentary," a video featuring footage from last year's tour, also will be sold online (at beginning Aug. 15. An ongoing diary of the tour will be available along with live sets at the tour's Web site (

Shows on the Moonshine Overamerica tour will feature at least four artists from the label, who will spin or play one- to two-hour sets.

"This tour is cool because we get to hang out with the other guys on our label," said Audé, who will be using the tour to promote his new album, Rush Hour, which comes out Aug. 22. "Usually when you're DJing every weekend, you don't get to see other DJs. [On a tour] you get to talk about records you're buying and things going on every night."

Moonshine Overamerica began on a whim in May 1997, when Steve Levy and tour co-founder John Levy decided to send some Moonshine DJs on the road together. A year later they rented a tour bus and routed an actual tour.

"It was hit or miss, but pretty encouraging," Steve Levy said of the first few treks. "Then last year was just phenomenal. We would have fantastic shows everywhere. It just showed us how much the scene is evolving, how many fans we had brought on. This year, as soon as we got off the bus from last year, we had promoters banging down the door, saying they want next year, even in markets we haven't played."

Moonshine Overamerica tour dates:

(Venues and lineups have not been announced.)

Sept. 28; San Diego, Calif.

Sept. 29; Las Vegas, Nev.

Sept. 30; Tucson, Ariz.

Oct. 4; Dallas, Texas

Oct. 5; Oklahoma City, Okla.

Oct. 6; Austin, Texas

Oct. 10; Orlando, Fla.

Oct. 11; Tallahassee, Fla.

Oct. 12; Atlanta, Ga.

Oct. 14; Fitchburg, Mass.

Oct. 17; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Oct. 18; Chicago, Ill.

Oct. 19; Milwaukee, Wis.

Oct. 20; St. Louis, Mo.

Oct. 21; Denver, Colo.

Oct. 24; Vancouver, B.C.

Oct. 25; Seattle, Wash.

Oct. 26; Portland, Ore.

Oct. 27; San Francisco, Calif.

Oct. 28; Los Angeles, Calif.