Sebastian Bach On Arrest: 'The Truth Will Become Known'

Former Skid Row frontman makes statement about his arrest last week.

After being arrested for drug possession, disorderly conduct and for making terrorist threats on Wednesday, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach issued a statement on Saturday asking people not to jump to conclusions without knowing his side of the story.

What that side of the story is remains unknown, as Bach, whose real name is Sebastian Bierk, didn't address specifics of the incident, deciding instead to save that story for court.

"There is a report in the press about an unfortunate incident that occurred three nights ago in a restaurant," the statement reads, referring to a bar fight that caused his arrest at the Lincroft Inn in New Jersey (see [article id="1452918"]"Sebastian Bach Arrested For Drugs, Threats In Bar Scuffle"[/article]). "In this country, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and I ask everyone to consider that, when reading press reports about the incident. I look forward to proceeding with this matter in a legal setting, where the truth will become known."

Police in Middletown, New Jersey, said that Bach allegedly shoved and threatened to shoot a bartender who had refused to allow him outside with a drink. According to the police report, police also found five grams of marijuana and four packets of rolling papers in the singer's jacket.

Bach posted $10,000 in bail and was released from the Monmouth County Correctional Facility on Thursday. The case was transferred from the Middletown Township Court to Monmouth County Court, which has yet to set a court date.

The Lincroft Inn staff, Bach publicist Carol Kaye and Bach's wife/manager, Maria Bierk, declined to comment.

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