Fat Wallets And Freakiness: This Is What The 'Are You The One?' Casties Want In A Partner

See it all play out beginning September 24.

Ask a simple question, get a (not-so) simple answer.

We posed a pretty easy query to the Season 3 "Are You The One?" cast members: What personality traits do you look for in a girl or guy? Many of their responses were fairly typical — smart, funny, sexy — because really, who's going to say they want an idiotic, boring dimwit for a lover? And others were... unusual, to say the least.

While one guy (Alec) quoted Kelly Clarkson, another (Austin) vehemently declared he doesn't allow public farting and poop chatter. A couple of other male casties are after the classic "lady in the streets and freak in the sheets." Here's what they had to say:

The girls equally didn't hold back. While some female cast members value dancing and culinary expertise, another (Amanda) has a pretty minor request: "a fat wallet and a fat schlong." Then there's Cheyenne, who simply sums it all up with, "Boys are stupid." Their words:

See any potential matches among the contestants, each of whom are vying for their share of a million benjamins? Watch it all play out during the "AYTO" Season 3 premiere on Thursday, September 24 at 11/10c -- and then during the show's regular time slot on Wednesdays at 10/9c!

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