Beacon Hills Newbie: Can The 'Teen Wolf' Pack Trust Theo?

Scott's not worried, but Stiles is super-skeptical.

There's a newbie in Beacon Hills, and we're not talking about the "devoted" Scott McCall fan with creepy blue claws... or those so-called doctors, for that matter.

Tonight's "Teen Wolf" Season 5 premiere sent shivers down our spine for more reasons than one -- the return of Stalia! And Scira! Lydia strapped to a gurney! Those flashbacks... OMG — but what has our interest piqued more than anything else is the kid who calls himself "Theo," played by Cody Christian. We admit, we give him props for jumping in to help Scott battle the self-proclaimed Alpha fan, but was the newly minted resident actually flirting with Kira in the middle of the street? Super sketch. He claims to have ran with Scott and Stiles back in the fourth grade and expressed his desire to to rejoin his family — and Scott's pack — in the California town. But is that all he wants? How'd he find S and the gang? Who turned him into a werewolf? So many questions!

Scott's not concerned; he's more worried about the dude who tried to rip his throat out. But the ever-skeptical Stiles, on the other hand, is all, "We haven't seen this kid in years. You don't find that highly suspicious?" Hmm... Theo could be totally harmless; after all, there's strength in numbers, especially when a killer medical staff is involved. But then again, there's something about the lycanthrope's smile that seems off, almost as if he's hiding something.


What do YOU think? Is Theo a likely ally for the pack, or is he simply a pretty little liar in sheep's clothing? (We couldn't resist.) Sound off in the comments, and learn more about the new kid during part two of the Season 5 premiere tomorrow night at 10/9c!

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