Are Bella Thorne And Gregg Sulkin (Maybe, Kinda) Dating?

Rumor has it the two are more than just friends and here's the photographic proof.

There's no "faking" this: Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin are dear pals, and the MTV stars have been outspoken about their enduring bond. But could the two thesps be taking their friendship to another level? Please, hold your "screams" for a second...

According to new reports, the "Scream" starlet (who is making her network debut on June 30!) and the "Faking It" actor are dating -- and while neither are confirming the fodder, the pair have been known to share some sweet social media updates about their special connection. Behold, the proof of Grella in action:

Beaming about Bella

We'll let the caption speak for this one (the duo attended the Los Angeles Film Festival this past weekend): "So proud of you @bellathorne." Apart from being naturally gifted, beyond beautiful and very talented, it proves hard work pays off :) such a good performance. You deserve everything and more... And ps. You just made the #scream franchise that much better ;)

Getting to know the Sulkins

B got to know G's folks during a recent visit to the City of Angels. And by the looks of it, the introduction went swimmingly.

Fans of Arsenal

The British native was especially proud of his efforts to convert his pal to become a supporter of his football soccer team. Oh, and he even mentioned that the color of the jersey complimented her "pretty and lovely shaped lips."

A great greeting for Gregg

Nothing quite like a collage-style snap to commemorate one's birth, right G?

Field trip!

More specifically, going to visit a "big balloon" with "one very beautiful girl." And, awww...

Unintentional matching attire

According to Bella, this is what happens when you've known someone for a bit of time.

Beach babes

Ahhhhh, the sun and the sand. And the perfect companion to take in those waves.

"Top lady"

No other explanation necessary, except for...CUTIE PIES.

Do you think these two are just friends -- or lovebirds? Share your theories in the comments, be sure to catch Bella on the series premiere of "Scream" on June 30 at 10/9c and Gregg when "Faking It" returns on August 30!

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