'Psycho,' And The Slasher Genre It Spawned, Turns 50 Today

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the greatest filmmakers in history. This is an indisputable fact. The man taught the world how to effectively stage suspense on film. Most, if not all, of his movies still hold up. Today, "Psycho" -- arguably the most famous of them all -- turns 50. On June 16, 1960, "Psycho" premiered in New York City. On that night, the world saw the birth of the slasher genre and one of the earliest examples of graphic violence in film.

I just wanted to take a moment out of the day to honor Hitchcock's accomplishment. There are many works of "classic cinema" which, while important, seem unimpressive by today's standards. Hitchcock stands apart; his work endures and his influence is still felt whenever a movie pushes you to the edge of your seat with tension. "Psycho" is a testament to that. Click the image up top to page through our 50th anniversary "Psycho" flipbook gallery.

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