Dakota And Elle Fanning Are Descended From Royalty, Because Of Course They Are

You can call them queen bees.

After years of wondering at the complete, self-possessed perfection of these A-list sibs, finally we have an answer as to their uncanny onscreen poise: Dakota and Elle Fanning were clearly destined to be Hollywood royalty, because they're descended from actual royals.

According to People, the folks at have connected the Fanning sisters to a very prestigious bloodline: the ladies are both distant great-granddaughters of King Edward III, who ruled England for fifty years beginning in 1327. This also makes Dakota and Elle distant cousins of Kate Middleton, another descendant of Edward III.

But as exciting as it is to learn about the Fannings' lineage, now that we're actually thinking about it, we totally could've guessed that these two were royal all along.

For starters, it can't be coincidence that Elle's big, breakout role this year is that of an actual princess.

And both sisters have worked in fairytale-inspired films galore, from "Coraline" to "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" to the upcoming "The Boxtrolls" movie.

Plus, Elle looks great in a crown.

And Dakota could carry off queenly headgear even as a tiny kid.

Meanwhile, despite growing up in the public eye, neither sister has ever had a meltdown for anything other than professional purposes — probably because courtly poise is in their blood.

As is a certain queenly superiority.

And let's not forget that both the Fannings have totally mastered the art of impassive royal glaring.

Truly, they are the queens of the screen. Long may they reign.

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