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Watch Every Time Caesar Flickerman Laughs In The 'Hunger Games' Movies

Stanley Tucci is having a phenomenal time in this supercut.

All hail Caesar ... Flickerman that is.

The scene-stealing "Hunger Games" host, played with scenery-chewing gusto by the great Stanley Tucci, is a larger-than-life personality onscreen, making him endearing to "Hunger Games" fans.

And why not? Caesar always seems like he's having the absolute best time ever, and almost every other sound out of his mouth is his patented laugh.

But just how much does Caesar laugh in the movies? We set out to solve this age-old question, and the answer? A lot. A real lot.

Don't take our word for it. Find out for yourself by watching Caesar laugh and make some other strange sounds in this supercut.

When asked for comment on the video, Caesar himself proclaimed "I love it. I LOVE IT!" That should be all the endorsement you need.

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