'Siesta Key' Slammer: Should Alex Have Left Pauly Behind Bars?

Papa Kompothecras' thought bubble: 'Hell yes'

Alex had his cousin Pauly's back on this week's Siesta Key, showing up to bail his brother from another mother out of jail. But did the King of Siesta make the right move?

First, though, let's explain how Pauly Paul wound up behind bars: During Amanda's luau-themed birthday bash, the aspiring DJ pulled Alex aside during to confess that there was a warrant out for his arrest because he "forgot to appear in court for an open container." Now, since he refused to turn himself in on a perfectly good weekend, it was crucial that he "stay on the low."

When Paul casually approached Alex's father for legal advice, it came in the form of a lengthy lecture from Papa Kompothecras, who demanded he "straighten [his] ass out." "You're supposed to learn from your mistakes, and that's how you become a better person," Gary said, sounding a bit harsh because, well, this wasn't Pauly's first (or even second) time getting in trouble with the law.

A few days later, Paul indeed was arrested, and Alex didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand. Gary, meanwhile, felt differently. "Why don't you let him sit there for a few days?" he asked. "Teach him a lesson. You're gonna be babysitting this kid for the rest of your life."

Turns out, there was more to Paul's legal story than he let on -- in addition to the aforementioned party foul, he was charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, making it a straight-up felony and putting bail at $1,500. Cue Alex's jaw drop:

Nevertheless, Alex saved his relative from doing any more than five hours of time but still told Paul, "You can't go about your life being an idiot all the time."

And while it's important that Pauly have the felony charge dropped from his record, he seemed most concerned about -- wait for it -- having Grandma take his trust fund away.

"[If] my grandmother gets wind of that, she's cutting me off for sure," he said. "If she cuts the allowance, then I don't see how I could stay here in Siesta Key. I will lose everything."

Should Alex have followed his dad's advice and taught his cousin a lesson, or is he just following cuz code? Sound off with your thoughts, then see what's next for Pauly Paul on Siesta Key Tuesday at 9/8c.

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