Kim Kardashian Is 'Not My Girl,' Chelsea Handler Jokes

Talk show hosts Wendy Williams and E!'s Handler share some strong opinions about the reality star with MTV News.

Kim Kardashian has remained relatively low-profile since [article id="1673738"]announcing her split from Kris Humphries[/article] last week. Aside from doing a bit of press for her handbag line in Australia, [article id="1673679"]Kardashian has mostly[/article] shied away from any big sit-downs about filing for divorce. But while the reality starlet's friends and family have been supportive, one of Kim's fellow E! staples is not exactly offering a shoulder to cry on.

Talk show host Chelsea Handler seemed to want to distance herself from her network sister when MTV News caught up with her at the [article id="1673947"]Glamour Women of the Year[/article] event in New York on Monday. "She's not my girl, by the way. She's more your girl than my girl, by the way," she deadpanned. "Luckily, I don't work at the [E!] building, so I don't have to hang out with the Kardashians."

Outspoken TV host Wendy Williams didn't have any particular advice for the divorcing Kardashian, but she hoped Kim would be more public about addressing the breakup news.

"You know, [article id="1673563"]Kris [Jenner], we had her mother[/article] on the show last week -- one thing I have to say about Kris is she never flinched at any of the questions that I asked," Williams said. "She answered all of them to the best of her ability, and I appreciated that. With that said, I think that it's kind of rotten and immature that Kim couldn't have done her own perp walk. And I understand [that Kris is] the one behind the machine, but maybe they could have done it together or they could have worked a couple different shows at the same time as opposed to running across the other side of the world, where perhaps softballs were [lobbed] at Kris or Kim."

While Kim may not be getting much support from talk show hosts, she's getting all the help she needs from pals like [article id="1673972"] La La Anthony[/article]. "Anytime someone gets a divorce, it's a difficult time," the "La La's Full Court Life" star said. "All I can do is be her friend and support her through every part of it, and that's what I'm doing."