'Family Reunion' Trust: Will Leah Let Down Her Guard With Boyfriend Jaylan?

The couple discussed her doubts and their possible future

Leah's "cool and kind" new beau Jaylan officially joined the family reunion. But before the teen mom 2's boyfriend arrived, Leah confessed to Coach B that her guard was up to receive love and she had difficulty trusting others because of her past. Specifically, her father was absent and she moved too quickly in failed relationships.

Coach B detected that Leah was not genuinely opening up because she deflected when she spoke about her dad. But Leah finally tore down the walls and "let it out."


"I know I can take care of me and my kids; they will never have to worry about anything like that," Leah sobbed. "I want to be loved too, the same way I love other people. I just have a hard time accepting it when it happens."


Leah's "heart was happy" as soon as she saw Jaylan, and Cheyenne and Ashley quickly asked Jaylan critical questions about his intentions.

"If you know my rap sheet, which I don't have a rap sheet at all, then I'm Gucci," Jaylan told Ashley. He then told Leah privately that they would not be together if he had any doubts. Leah confessed she did have doubts after initially saying she did not. Distance -- she is in West Virginia, while he is in Georgia -- also played a factor in their inability to move (pun intended) forward.

The next day, the two went out for a meal, and Leah was able to communicate her struggles effectively.

"I'm not just guarded in romantic relationships; I think it's with everyone," she told Jaylan. "Like trusting people and knowing that I'm not going to get burned. It's sad; it shouldn't be like that."

Jaylan couldn't relate to Leah's history of being married, having kids or being on television for more than a decade. But he understood the "need to want to be happy and satisfied in love."

"I want to be an open person," Leah confessed. "I want to be close to you. And I want you to see the good and bad and accept me for just that. And it would be easer if you lived closer.

But before the couple establishes roots in the same state, a bigger question looms: Can Leah let down her guard and truly let Jaylan into her world? Or will her doubts loom stronger, and will they drift apart? Give your predictions, and do not miss the season finale of Teen Mom: Family Reunion on Tuesday at 8/7c.

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