Steven Adler Goes From Guns To Bullets While Ex-Guns Remain Active

Former Guns n' Roses drummer Steven Adler has joined up with L.A. hair band the Bulletboys. The group, led by singer Marq Torien, recorded three albums for Warner Bros. between 1988 and 1993 and disbanded not long after. They were resurrected late last year. The recent line-up change has seen the addition of Adler as well as guitarist D.J. Ashba. The Bulletboys are most often compared to David Lee Roth or AC/DC largely thanks to Torien's glam image and gruff voice.

Adler is usually best remembered as the drummer that Guns n' Roses leader Axl Rose publicly branded a drug addict and fired on stage at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards. Adler went on to suffer a heart attack and two strokes from his drug abuse. He resurfaced two years ago in a short-lived band called Freaks in the Room and a short-lived sobriety lecture tour of schools and meetings. He recently made the news again earlier this year when he announced that he was writing a book (co-authored with his mother) called

"No Bed Of Roses.

The Bulletboys will be touring with Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango and Enuff Z'Nuff this summer, which, according to "Metal Edge" magazine, kicks off July 18 in Las Vegas. The band has also reportedly been recording a new album.

Meanwhile, Slash is continuing his quest for a singer among other members for his new band. Contrary to published reports, guitarist Ryan Roxie, a former member of Gilby Clark's band and Alice Cooper, will not be joining up. Roxie's schedule doesn't permit his participation according to Slash's manager, Tom Maher. Maher says, however, that the band is close to zeroing in on a singer and expect to announce somebody this month. Maher also denies reports that Australian singer Jon Stevens will be at the mic, although he confirms that Slash and the singer have done some sessions together.

Slash has been working on his home studio and recording tracks, but will only start the recording process in earnest once he solidifies

a band. Like GnR, he's signed to Geffen.

Also on the former member front, Duff McKagan's second solo album, "Beautiful Disease" (not to be confused with a record recently issued by his resurrected pre-Guns Seattle band, 10-Minute Warning), is completed and scheduled for a release later this year, also on Geffen. And the aforementioned Clark, another ex-G n' R member, has another record in the works, "Rubber," this time for the Pavement label. The album is currently available in Japan and scheduled for a North American release this fall.

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